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Wherever you want

At your home, hotel, yacht or on the beach... Experience your private yoga lesson where it fits best for your needs. 


Going gently to the most classic yoga postures. Aligning the body and calming the mind. Recommended for beginners.


A sequence of poses. Vinyasa classes are known for their fluid, movement-intensive practices.


A delicious way to relax and to work in the deep tissues. Awakening the meditative space inside all of us.


From intimate one-on-one sessions, to group classes and retreats, Esther will help you cultivate restorative breath, sustain physical vitality and release energetic tension through your guided Yoga practice.

Pranayama and Guided meditation can be added to complete the experience. 

“in yoga we learn to trust, to accept and expand our understanding of our physical selves, every practitioner´s body and mind are different. It´s my job to read my students physical and energetic fields and guide the session in response to this “


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